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The Best BFDI Plush Characters for Collectors

The world of Battle for Dream Island (BFDI) has taken the internet by storm. This web series, along with its sequels, has amassed a dedicated fanbase who adore the quirky cast of characters. For these collectors, capturing a piece of the BFDI universe means seeking out the perfect plush companion. But with a vast array of characters, where does a collector begin? This guide explores some of the best BFDI plush options, considering factors like rarity, backstory within the series, and pure, marketable cuteness.

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Part 1: The Allure of Rarity: Limited Edition Exclusives

Firey (2008 Leafy Plush):

The plush version of Leafy is a true gem for collectors, especially those who are fans of the BFDI series. This particular plush was made in 2008, predating the official BFDI series, and features Leafy with fiery red skin instead of her usual green. What sets this plush apart is not only its association with the pre-BFDI era but also its unique and limited production. This makes the Firey plush highly sought after and a rare find for collectors. Due to its combination of being an early creation and featuring a distinctive design, this plush can fetch a significant price on the collector’s market. Fans and collectors alike are drawn to the rarity and uniqueness of this Firey plush, making it a desirable and valuable addition to any BFDI collection.

Metallic Marker (Jacknjellify Exclusive):

This plush of Marker is a must-have for BFDI fans and collectors. It is sold exclusively at the Jacknjellify online store. The Metallic Marker plush takes him to a new level of collectibility. It features a shiny, chrome-like finish, making it stand out from his standard counterpart. The metallic finish adds a unique and eye-catching element to the plush. This makes it a distinct and rare addition to any BFDI collection. The Metallic Marker plush is highly sought after by fans and collectors. Its limited availability and exceptional design make it a coveted item among BFDI enthusiasts.

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Part 2: Engaging with the Narrative: Plush Characters Steeped in Story

Pencil (Pre-Death):

Pencil, a grumpy yet endearing character, goes through a significant transformation throughout the BFDI series. As a memorable character, a plush version depicting Pencil in his pre-death state, with both arms and legs intact, offers a nostalgic glimpse into his earlier character arc. This plush serves as a tangible link to a pivotal moment in Pencil’s journey within the series, allowing collectors to connect with his evolution. This particular plush captures a specific moment in the character’s storyline, making it a valuable addition to any BFDI collection. It offers fans and collectors the opportunity to have a physical representation of a significant phase in Pencil’s development, making it a cherished and meaningful item for those who appreciate the character and the series as a whole. Its representation of a specific moment in the character’s journey further enhances its appeal to collectors and fans alike.

Black Hole (Post-Debut):

Black Hole is a character defined by constant growth and transformation throughout the BFDI series. A plush representing Black Hole after his debut in the series would be a unique and meaningful addition to any collection. He is still relatively small at this stage. This plush would not only be adorable, but also serve as a tangible and nostalgic reminder of Black Hole’s early stages and his immense potential for growth as the series progresses. As a fan-favorite character known for his development and evolution, owning a plush version that captures Black Hole’s early size and appearance would hold significant sentimental value for fans and collectors. It would serve as a cherished memento that reflects the character’s journey and growth, making it a treasured piece within any BFDI collection.

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Part 3: The Power of Cuteness: Universally Adorable Characters


Teardrop, a tiny blue droplet with a single, oversized tear, embodies pure, melancholic cuteness within the BFDI series. A Teardrop plush perfectly captures this character’s essence, featuring a soft, huggable form and a perpetually sad expression. The plush’s universal appeal makes it a favorite among collectors, regardless of their familiarity with the BFDI storyline. Its endearing and emotive design, coupled with its undeniable cuteness, has made the Teardrop plush a coveted item for fans and collectors. This plush not only captures the character’s essence but also resonates with those who appreciate unique and adorable memorabilia. Whether as a standalone piece or as part of a larger collection, the Teardrop plush holds a timeless charm and a universal appeal that transcends the BFDI series, making it a sought-after addition to any collector’s repertoire.


Fries, a simple yet lovable character resembling a single french fry, translates perfectly into the plush format. The soft, golden-yellow body and cartoony smile make this plush an irresistible addition to any collection. Fries’s lack of complex backstory makes him a universally appealing choice for collectors who prioritize sheer cuteness.

Part 4: Beyond the Obvious: Characters with Hidden Collectible Potential

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Nickel, a character resembling a shiny nickel coin, is often overlooked in the BFDI series. However, a well-made Nickel plush capturing the subtle details of his metallic texture has the potential to surprise collectors with its unique charm. Despite his initial overshadowing, owning a high-quality Nickel plush could position a collector at the forefront of a future collecting trend. With the right execution, a Nickel plush could become a sleeper hit in the BFDI plush collecting world. Collectors who recognize the potential of a well-crafted Nickel plush could be ahead of the curve in recognizing its value and desirability within the larger BFDI collecting community. As a result, a high-quality and detailed Nickel plush may hold the key to a future trend in BFDI plush collecting, making it a compelling investment for collectors looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Robot Flower (Pre-Flower):

Robot Flower undergoes a significant transformation throughout the BFDI series, blossoming into a beautiful flower-like robot. A plush depicting Robot Flower in her pre-flower state, as a simple, emotionless robot, would be a fascinating addition to a collection. This plush would showcase Robot Flower’s hidden potential for growth and development.

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The world of BFDI plush collecting offers something for everyone. By considering the factors explored in this guide, collectors can embark on a rewarding journey. They can capture a piece of the BFDI universe and celebrate their favorite characters. Remember, the most valuable finds are often those that spark joy. They ignite a love for the quirky and imaginative world of BFDI.